eMedonline Medication Adherence Platform

eMedonline Medication Adherence Platform

December 2, 2019

Description:eMedonline® is a patented (US 7,002,476) software-as-service (SAS) solution for patient-centered, mobile medication therapy management (MTM). The eMedonline platform provides an on-demand medication adherence solution that turns a cellphone into a “virtual” medication therapy manager to change behavior, improve adherence, and enhance outcomes. This SAS model includes a care management dashboard that allows clinicians and providers to set protocols and reminders, track patient behaviors, and manage health status. A secure, HIPAA compliant data warehouse collects and stores adherence and outcomes data for analysis on drug use and distribution. A patent pending eBody map provides clinicians with a visual problem list and quick view into treatment history. eMedonline addresses a $317 billion healthcare problem in the U.S. by delivering to healthcare providers and payers a clinically proven MTM solution that drives patient engagement, improves medication adherence, and provides actionable data to improve the quality of healthcare delivery, reduce readmissions, and lower total healthcare costs. Numerous clinical trials have consistently demonstrated >95% medication adherence by using eMedonline’s solution while showing clinically significant behavior change that improves overall treatment.

Target Population:Chronic disease patients, cancer patients, CHF patients, the elderly, and patients in clinical trials

Efficacy Test: Multiple three and six-month randomized control clinical trials in the target populations; readmission study among adult Medicare inpatients discharged from hospital to home taking up to 27 meds per day monitored 30 days post release

Outcomes: Compliance rates of 96% to 98%, positive effect on self efficacy, rated highly useful by 90% of patients; readmissions reduced from 21.4% to 12.5%

Client name
National Institutes of Health, National Institute on Aging, National Cancer Institute
Mobile health technologies, natural language processing, user interface design