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December 2, 2019

Description:Web-based genetic counseling tool for hereditary breast cancer. Despite the fact that most women with a family history of breast cancer are not likely to carry a BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutation, studies show that this group is extremely interested in obtaining genetic testing, and have exaggerated perceptions of their own risk for the disease. was developed to meet the need for an educational tool to facilitate risk comprehension and informed decision making, and as an aid to limited counseling resources.

Funding: National Cancer Institute (NCI) R3CA81959A

Target Population: Women at risk for breast cancer

Efficacy Test: Six-month study among 82 women

Outcomes: Improved risk comprehension for hereditary breast cancer

Client name
National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute
Behavioral Informatics, Genomics, Clinical Informatics, Risk Assessment, Risk Communication